AZTransfer manages and supports the Arizona Transfer System and the faculty, staff, and students who utilize it. Working together, we make every credit count for Arizona students.

Fall ATF Meeting Announcement

The AZTransfer Executive Committee met and unanimously decided that all Fall 2021 ATF meetings will be held virtually.

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Visualize Transfer Student Data in A Whole New Way

AZTransfer is pleased to present statewide ASSIST data using Tableau data visualization! With Tableau, you can explore AZTransfer's statewide student transfer data reports in a dynamic, engaging format.

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About AZTransfer

FOR MORE THAN 20 YEARS, academic leaders from each of Arizona’s public postsecondary institutions have collaborated to support transfer student success. Known as the AZTransfer Steering Committee, this coordinating body ensures Arizona’s students have access to efficient, seamless, and simple ways to transfer from a community college to a university in Arizona. Born out of legislation passed in 1996, the AZTransfer Steering Committee works to fulfill a promise to provide high-quality educational pathways that lead to baccalaureate degree completion for all Arizonans.

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